The NEXUS 610 series are a new generation of hardness testing instruments. The testers main body is a fine casted rigid structure which incorporates a load cell, closed loop force actuator that provides continuous force feedback information to the advanced electronics set.

The system avoids “overshoot” during the test force application and guarantees the one of the best GR & R results ever seen on Rockwell/Brinell hardness testers in this class. The tester meets or exceeds the ISO, ASTM and JIS standards. (ISO 6508, ISO 2039/2, ASTM E18, ASTM B254, JIS Z2245)

Test forces range from 2.5kgf/24.5N to 150kgf/1471N, Advanced algorithms, digital filter technology and state of the art electronics provide a very reliable and robust Rockwell hardness tester. The test cycle can be as little as 15 seconds (at a dwell time of 10 seconds).

NEXUS stands for Next Generation. The 610RS model allows to perform hardness tests in all Rockwell and Superficial Rockwell scales. The 610RSB model adds the Brinell scales between 2.5kgf/24.5N to 187.5kgf/1838N additional to the Rockwell and Superficial Rockwell scales.