Sistema de Entrenamiento en Internet y Protocolo TCP/IP ITS-101A

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The Internet has permeated among our daily life in every aspect, and it provides the fundamental connection with many state-of-the-art technology such as third-generation cell phones, video communication and information appliances.
The core technology of the Internet is TCP/IP protocol suite. Understanding TCP/IP protocol suite is crucial to users of the Internet at all levels, and it facilitates better application of the Internet. Internet TCP/IP Protocol Training System is designed to meet this need.
There are seven layers of TCP/IP protocol, and from the second to the forth of which plays the key role in operating system kernels such as Linux and Windows which are difficult for users to understand. Internet TCP/IP Protocol Training System not only reveals the inner
workings of TCP/IP protocol software, but also provides methods to modify the behavior of TCP/IP protocol software for experiment purpose.

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